Children's research triangle

1 nonprofit organization, 1 responsive website, 24 hours. During a volunteer event our team designed & developed a website overnight, from scratch.

Together with a team of 9 other consultants and developers, we participated in the Overnight Website Challenge event organized by The Nerdery. Volunteers form teams of 10 to be paired with a nonprofit who they'll serve, pro bono, for the next 24 straight hours. At the start of the challenge your nonprofit is revealed and you work together with the nonprofit representatives to create a brand new website for them in those 24 hours from the ground up. This was a challenge indeed but one that is exciting, rewarding, and lots of (sleep-deprived) fun.

We were paired with the Children's Research Triangle who are dedicated to providing support and therapy for children with severe developmental issues including prenatal substance exposure and trauma, and their families. In addition, they have research programs aimed at improving therapy and treatment.

As the only designer on the team I created the logo mark, branding, and fully responsive website prototypes. The designs needed to be created quickly and easily iterated upon. Features included donation functionality, templates for research programs and researcher biographies, and form elements.

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